April 17, 2014

Create an Access token for twitter.

Have you ever caught up in a situation like you need to show the tweets on your website, for that you’ve created an application in dev.twitter.com but you don’t know where the hell is access token and access secret?

I recently faced same situation. So, Here is how I got my access token and access secret for twitter app and able to show the feeds on the site later.

I have logged into my twitter account and created an app to show tweets on one of my client’s website. But stuck with access token not finding on the application page. I have area help from twitter documentation; however nothing seems to help me.

Lastly I figured out how to generate access token and access secret. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the “API Keys” tab from the application page.

Step 2: Scroll down and find a heading like “Your access token” See:

Step 3: Click on “Token actions” button.

The Access token and access secret are not generated. You can see it from on the same tabe ("API keys").
Under "Your Access Token" Heading. Just add it to your code.

That’s all.

Enjoy!!! Share Like and Follow If you find it helpful.

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